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About Us

"Vairavee Bhairava Babaji is a blessed by Bhairava to take on the spiritual path to provide and ensure that the basic necessities of humanity are met. Our Guru works as an instrument of Lord Shree KalaBairava for enacting his orders and fulfilling them for the betterment of one and all.

Guruji's intuitive wisdom is the guiding force behind the trust and its activities. Guruji and his disciples perform various homas / havans and sathvic procedures for dealing with materialistic and spiritual aspirations and in the process cleansing and clearing the karma of the individuals who are involved in this activity.

It was under the guidance of Lord Shree Kalabhairava that the required homams and poojas are arrived at. There are many instances where devotees were able to see the deity's form appearing in the holy fire ( homa agni ) as photographed by Guruji and his disciples. Please visit the Gallery section to get a glimpse.

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