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  1. Who is Bhairava Babaji ?

    • Vairavee Bhairava Babaji is a KaalaBhairava Upasaka who has initiated the KaalaBhairavar Trust. The Trust is a non-governmental, secular and non-profit social welfare organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. The trus is being formed by a group of people with a common vision of developing a prosperous and powerful India by enabling access to quality education for all.

  2. who we are ?

    • The team comprises of a strong and dedicated group of young working professionals, who have come together to work towards our common vision and goal. At Bhairavaguru, we firmly believe that enabling access to quality education to the children in the economically weaker sections of the society will bring about positive transformational change not only in their own lives but also our communities and our nation as a whole.

  3. What we do ?

    • We partner and work with (Onsite) government schools and hostels, orphanages, educational blocks at village, taluk or district level to implement our program. Our program serves to improve the quality of education by undertaking various activities such as funding hiring of additional qualified teachers, establishing a learning center or a library or a computer center, providing scholarships to students, conducting seminars and science events, providing career guidance and soft skills training etc.

  4. What is an integrated development strategy?

    • Instances of poverty always have causes. An important consideration in helping to alleviate any deprivation of well-being is to search out the root causes, not to attack the symptoms. Therefore, it is important to first recognise the roots of poverty, and then to build a strategy with which to ameliorate the problem.

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