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Science and Religion

This section is a compilation of question which are posed to the seeker. These were asked by Guruji for the seeker to understand some of the fundamental aspects of our selves and in the process revealing some of the riddles of nature.

Currently only questions are provided here. It is for the seeker in you to try and find your answers. We believe that these questions will help to clear a few doubts and in the process help the seeker gain clarity. The topics mentioned here are across multiple subjects that our guru would like the seeker in you to explore and if needed guide them to their treasure.

Nature has kept some of her answers hidden in the form of audio and visual cues, we are trying to explore a few here.

  1. What is the connection between Vaasi Yogam and the elephant's trunk?

  2. What is the connection between the Ganesha without his trunk and the end of birth and death cycle ?

  3. Why did Ganesha and Nandikeshwara get their respective heads, why was the particular form chosen ?

  4. What is the connection between the 7 chakras in our human body and 7 births.

  5. What are the 9 dvaraas. ( Nava Dhvaaram ).

Science and Religion
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